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"Wild Flowers Express Freedom"
circa 2020 
Acrylic on 10" x 10" canvas

"Mermaid Procreation"
circa 2020
Acrylic & Glitter on 10" x 10" canvas

My goal is to create an enthralling experience. I hope you enjoy yourself as you peruse through each unique page. 

-Drita Dawn

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Drita Dawn Hajroja (b. 1994) American Albanian born 


Hello my name is Drita, pronounced like Rita with D. Born year of the dog, sharing the birthday with the infamous Dali. 


From a very early age, I’ve been creating and haven’t stopped, won’t stop. Although I was a participating active member in many rigorous, very disciplined extracurricular activities, my brain always thought outside of the box! 


Sunshine thriving, inspired by mother nature and the little joys of life such as the smell of fresh coffee, and the sound of honeybees buzzing, pollinating my edible garden. I believe everything has a heartbeat, go hug a tree. 


When I see color, my heart plays a melody. I honor all emotions, and I’m able to express myself through... 


Life is an adventure; the unknown inspires me. I find myself painting under the moonlight often, listening to the secrets of the stars. In my opinion some of the most beautiful creations flourish in the dark.


Bright, full of warmth and life. In fact, the translation of my name into English refers to the sunrise. 

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